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President Trump has made the move to get rid of his lawyers. The lawyers that he hired had close ties to Lindsey Graham. Lincoln Project shows true Coloys

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode six. Today we're going to talk about just a few things politically. I think I might want to get into a little bit of information about some books that I think are illustrative. The first thing to talk about, though, is President Trump has made the move to get rid of his lawyer. The lawyers that he hired had close ties to Lindsey Graham, and there are reasons to believe that these lawyers were trying to do more to protect their personal image and the Senate than they were to take care of their client. I have a huge problem with this. 

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 A lot of people expect their lawyers to stand up for their clients. Now, there's an ethical issue if the client wants you to go in a direction that is against your beliefs. But there, you know, the fact that Trump wanted to bring up the election, it should not be a surprise to anybody. Also, I think any lawyer who took the man's coin to start with and had no intentions of doing this or serving more than one master, is making an ethical violation, certainly a moral violation. If indeed, that is the case, the lawyers certainly ran to the microphones as fast as they could, by leaking to or talking to people in the press to let them know that the reason that they were divorcing themselves from Trump or had been fired, however you want to put it was that they did not want to present evidence of irregularities with the election, and with the way that the election was conducted. I suspect that the real issue was that Trump wants to call McConnell as a witness. If he doesn't want to call him a con once a witness. Hopefully, his new lawyers will tell him that he should. Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi both need to be subpoenaed. The FBI needs to be looked at. And these witnesses need to be cross-examined by Trump's staff in order to determine whether the amount of security on Capitol Hill was the proper amount of security. And the warnings that we have been late to, to beat excuse me that were We were told were given by the FBI in New York and various other agencies that had intelligence that something was going to go down on the sixth. And also, we know that there were apparently undercover or informants involved, in making this situation worse. Why was the Capitol Hill police in such a low mode of readiness? The readiness situation has to be examined. Did Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi stand down the Capitol Police hoping that something would happen if it was made easier to do? So we've all seen security levels at the Capitol Hill during the Kavanaugh hearings when they apparently had some problems with not having enough police, but then with the BLM riots, you know, they had plenty of security. So, you know, it looks like to me when they actually think that there's going to be a reason to be concerned about security. They definitely have the ability to protect the people that are legally in the Capitol Hill Complex, because you not only have

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the staff members and Congresspeople, but you also have tours. And you have members of the public conducting business in Capitol Hill. So the endangerment of those folks needs to be looked into. And if once again, if Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell did indeed tell the Capitol Hill police to stand down. That's a problem. Nate lawyer has a YouTube channel where he goes over this information and detail how that how he foresees things, or how he sees things. And he used to be a cop. And even though he's pretty well a lefty, I have a lot of respect for Nate. And, you know, so do several other YouTube lawyers who I have a lot of respect for. So to get somebody to give you the inside, as suggest that you go look at what Nate the lawyer has to say his name is Nate Brody. Used to be in New York City policeman. He's been a prosecutor. And now he's a YouTube lawyer. And he is definitely someone that has a firm understanding of how VIP protection works. Have event protection works, so on and so forth. Just like what you get from Dan Bongino. I don't really listen to Dan's broadcasts that much anymore. I used to listen to it religiously. Daily. Now that I'm doing my own podcast, I'm trying not to pollute my or pre dis predispose me to issues that I think I would get from doing Dan, I follow up with Robert Barnes and Viva Frei on the legal so and the Rekieta law and some other YouTube channels on the legal aspects, then I try to read the news as much as I can, and read court cases. So that's how we get to where we get. 

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The fact that we can have a federal employee that's in the law enforcement branch. I think he's was DOJ, this lawyer K Kleinsmith can fraudulently make a representation to a FIZA court, he can commit perjury, he can commit obstruction of justice. And only get a week is the next thing I want to talk to. I'm sorry, he's not gonna get a day in jail. He got a $100 fine and a one-year probationary sentence. So I need to check on the $100 fine, but I do know that he's not doing any jail time yet. They can go after Roger stone, who theoretically lied to Congress, but I don't even think he did that. And try to give him eight-year what I did that gave him seven years in jail. I mean, it's absolutely ridiculous. That man has done nothing. He's in his 70s. He's done nothing but contribute to society. He has enriched himself, of course, but those Kleinsmith didn't work for the government for free. He was working for his benefit of his family. And unlike Roger Stone, Kleinsmith took an oath. Kleinsmith that to me should have been thrown under the jail, that 10 years would be too little for what he did. Even prosecuting Roger Stone was a tragedy. That's where we are on that. I think that what we're seeing is the populist movement is getting stronger. And just it's getting stronger.

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 President Trump is going to put the Senate on trial. Apparently, he's going to put the election on trial. I don't really know what the election has to do with his in his impeachment. However, it says impeachment, it's his defense to bring up what he wants to lie he is supposed to be presiding the presiding person because the impeachment is illegal and unconstitutional. So John Roberts is not going to get involved in this to get a lawsuit which hopefully with these new lawyers, President Trump will be filing a lawsuit and he should be filing a lawsuit the day to have the thing dismissed. it's unconstitutional. 

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So the next thing that I wanted to discuss, just briefly just to give you my ideas on is what's going on with GameStop. And the Reddit people, I think that the Texas Attorney General is going to hold somebody to account he's Get digging his way in by issuing the civil summons for information from RobinHood and others. And I think that once he's done with that, what they're gonna do is probably try to ignore him. And I think that'll give him the wedge to get in to go after them criminally. So we'll see what happens there. But I expect that civil charges, at the very least, are going to come out of Ken Paxton efforts when it comes to RobinHood, and their Melvin capital and Citadel ties. 

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Robert Barnes recommends that we read some books, watch some movies, and I like that. So I'm going to be inspired by Mr. Barnes and talk to you guys. An about a setup books by a man is a science fiction writer, David Weber. David Weber is mostly well known for his take on Horatio Hornblower, which he did do the honor Harrington series. However, the series we're going to talk about today is his Safehodseries. And the reason that I want to tie in the Safehold Series is because we have this situation with this guy, Weaver, who is allegedly been grooming under-aged men, and hitting on them. This is apparently been a well-known secret, that the liberals have kept quiet that the republicans have kept quiet that Karl Rove tried to actually deal with and got slandered over as being homophobic. But yet, you know, Karl Rove figured out it's not appropriate for a 30-40 year old, powerful man to be recruiting females or males. I don't care what when there's a power imbalance you have to be sacrosanct in your actions, you got to look at that person is that is that person, my daughter? Is that person, my son, would  I've liked that person to be treated that way? And one of the things that listening to various comments has come up is why are so many of these people in power, deviants in some way, shape, or form? You know, you've got the Biden's who have their own sexual problems, their own issues with taking money and being corrupt in that way. And, you know, when you, when you look at things, the way that normal people look at things is that I wouldn't do things that way. I think that what we have to look at is power is corrupting and coercive, but also, that people with bad types of behavior tend to rush towards bad positions of power. 

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