Collective Wisdom

We believe every woman is a leader. A leader who is guiding herself towards her most authentic version.

Collective Wisdom is an immersive experience designed to provide a place to listen, reflect, and connect with a community of women on a shared journey toward lasting transformation. 

Host Lucy Reynolds is the visionary behind Collective Wisdom. With a desire to empower women to create meaningful next chapters in their lives, Lucy, along with her guests, will explore the path to realizing your vision and igniting lasting transformation. 

Giving you the space to answer the ultimate question, “What is it I truly want for myself?”

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What is Collective Wisdom?

We believe every woman is a leader—charting her path towards authenticity.

Welcome to Collective Wisdom, an immersive journey where listening, reflecting, and connecting with a vibrant community of women fosters lasting transformation.

Hosted by Lucy Reynolds, the visionary behind Collective Wisdom and The Murmuration Collective, alongside inspiring guests, we delve into realizing your vision and igniting profound change.

Join us as we unravel the ultimate question: “What do I truly desire?”