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Sometimes it seems that no matter how good your sessions some clients still find excuses to be flaky. We explain why in this episode.

Show Notes

Sometimes it seems that no matter how good your sessions are and no matter how much energy that you pour into creating and running them, some clients still find excuses not to come.

Cancelling last minute, not showing up, arriving late, injuries, getting sick, sleeping in and more. I’m sure you’ve experienced your fair share of these.

In today’s episode Dale and Kyle share with you what’s going on in the minds of clients who are repeat offenders of being flaky and how you can get them motivated and inspired to come once more.

Here’s some of the topics we cover:

  • The client who keeps saying they’re coming and never turns up [1:15]
  • How to discover your Ideal Client [10:15]
  • Build in some accountability [13:45]
  • Understanding what’s going on when a client is flaky [15:35]
  • Make it magical [25:20]
  • Dale champions resilience in young’uns [29:20]
  • Right here, right now [32:10]

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