Ship SaaS Faster

Simon is adding new rate limiting, and hoping to lower his AWS bill. Volkan conversions are lower but hoping new UX changes will increase them.

Show Notes

Simon is reducing peak load of logging by adding rate limiting. He also upgraded to a higher Ahrefs plan to see daily rankings so he can fix his SEO faster. Twitter ads unperformed so Simon has swapped from impressions to click optimised.

Volkan had some great feedback about the rebuilt add elements from new and existing customers. To increase conversion rates he is redoing some of the onboarding to expose more features early on.    

Tiny seed tales:

Simon on Twitter
Volkan on Twitter
SnapShooter - Simon's startup
Versoly - Volkan's startup

Creators & Guests

Simon Bennett
Founder and CEO of SnapShooter
Volkan Kaya
Bootstrapped founder of Versoly

What is Ship SaaS Faster?

Two bootstrapped SaaS founders giving weekly podcast updates about shipping product.