Inspiring People & Places: Architecture, Engineering, And Construction

During this episode, we’re turning the tables; the guest becomes the host, and the host becomes the guest! 

Jon Nehlsen is the Chief Financial Officer at MCFA, and he joins us to interview BJ Kraemer. You’ll hear all about BJ’s formative experiences, from his childhood experiences to his early career in construction before joining MCFA. 

Getting into his West Point journey, we explore what it was like to continue his father’s military legacy, and BJ shares how he has drawn inspiration from a veteran who didn’t make it home. 

We also discuss the reading list that has shaped his thinking and unpack the methodology that keeps his reading habit alive. 

We wrap the episode by delving deeper into BJ’s identity in the business world, how he launches his skill of synthesizing emotions and logic, and how he manages his deficiencies to be effective. 

Join us for an inspiring conversation today!

Key Points From This Episode:
•   Reads that have shaped BJ’s philosophy and worldview and the cons of reading a lot and how to combat them.
•   Creating a culture that allows people to become the best version of themselves. 
•   How to synthesize emotions and logic.
•   Habits that shape BJ’s approach to life. 
“When you’re a leader among leaders, and it is obvious, you know there’s something special there.” — BJ Kraemer
“Profits are important. People are more important.” — BJ Kraemer
“Whatever your platform is, try to do as much good with it as possible.” — BJ Kraemer
“If you read too much and don’t have a methodology for implementation, it turns into infotainment.” — BJ Kraemer
“In the professional services space, you’re an idiot if you can’t say that your people are your brand or your people are your biggest asset.” — BJ Kraemer
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