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In this episode, I talked with Julie and Julia, two newly registered OTs. Their research project aimed to improve health literacy among mothers of children with disabilities in Morocco through graphic novels. We uncorked the value of this medium and considerations when creating health resources. Keep listening after the interview to find out about a new resource for new grad OTs and an announcement about a new collaboration that OT uncorked is part of!

Show Notes

Guests: Julie Thiel, OTR & Julia Norkitis, OTR
Wine: Sideshow’s The Puppetmaster No.2 Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon blend 

Book Recommendations: 
Exciting Announcements:
  • Join the OT Virtual Skills Lab, Julie and Julia's NEW [and free] facebook group. It's "a place for new grads and OT students to keep their critical reasoning skills sharp while applying for jobs or waiting for fieldwork to begin"
  • Miranda (OTuncorked), Julie (OT.reads) and Becky (beckyb.ot) are collaborating to create The OT Bookclub, a monthly virtual book club. Stay tuned for updates, and follow The OT Bookclub on Instagram in the meantime! 
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What is OT Uncorked?

OT Uncorked is a podcast for wine-loving OTs, pairing wine and hot topics in occupational therapy. Hosted by Miranda Rennie and featuring guests from the profession, OT Uncorked was created to learn from people doing ordinary and extraordinary work across OT settings and share resources with other practitioners. Miranda is an OT who is passionate about providing holistic care for people with neurologic conditions. She is a small-town East Coaster living in Los Angeles, CA. Miranda hopes you will join her in uncorking hot topics and wine, discovering what’s new and relevant in the profession!