Sara Payan is a nationally recognized & award-winning educator, public speaker, policy advocate, writer & the host of the
"Planted with Sara Payan" podcast.

 For over a decade, Sara worked for the Apothecarium as their Director of Education & Public Education Officer. An industry veteran with over 18,000 hours of experience guiding & educating the public, Payan has her finger on the pulse of the industry regarding consumer trends & product development & trained cannabis professionals on consumer relationship building & the art of the sale. 

She has consulted with numerous brands on product development, public outreach, marketing & engagement for businesses.

Sara sits on the California Cannabis Advisory Committee & the San Francisco Cannabis
Oversight Committee & was Co-Chair of the San Francisco State Cannabis Legalization Taskforce. As a Stage III cancer survivor & former civil rights professional, she believes that educating consumers & policymakers makes for safe access, sound policy and equitable industry opportunities.

Sara consults with large healthcare organizations such as Kaiser & UCSF, helping them understand the role cannabis can play in patients' lives and offering educational sessions for their patients. She leads large-scale industry training & lectures nationwide, including CEU credit classes for healthcare practitioners. Sara created & taught the first cannabis education workshops for City College of San Francisco. She has presented her educational series at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, SF Public Library & Glide Memorial Church.
Sara was named among the 100+ Most Important Women in Cannabis for 2019 &2020. 

She is a subject matter expert for lifestyle publications such as Self Magazine. Her work has been highlighted in MG Retailer, Magnetic Magazine, The Bold Italic, SF Weekly, SF Chronicle, California Leaf, & Damian Marley's "Medication" video series.
Sara is a contributing writer for Rolling Stone & Cannabis Now. She has been honored to speak & lecture at the Cannabis Business Times Conference, New West Summit, Women in Cannabis Expo, Patients Out of Time, Women Grow, The Women's Visionary Congress & the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association.

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