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Brent Wadas is the CEO at BotBuilt, a Y-Combinator Construction technology company based in Durham, NC that is revolutionizing building homes with robots to address the labor shortage and housing affordability crisis. Brent served in the US Army in Afghanistan after 9/11, where he fulfilled his patriotic calling. BotBuilt employs a methodology that makes homebuilding less capital intensive, creating less waste and enabling a much more sustainable building process. Brent served over 10 years in the US Army as Assistant (to the) Regional Manager. Brent is an experienced business entrepreneur with a flair for achieving goals through actions and a passion for bringing dreams into focus.

(1:34) - Brent Wadas' entrepreneurial & military journey
(8:57) - What makes BotBuilt special
(13:52) - Feature: CREx - Makes it easy to get data out of Yardi, Salesforce, and more.
(15:15) - BotBuilt's factories: Durham, NC
(16:56) - Lessons from Katerra's $2 billion saga
(22:29) - Delivering a venture-scale return in Contech
(25:51) - BotBuilt's unit economics & business model
(31:49) - Contech adoption among homebuilders
(34:40) - Collaboration Superpower: William "Wild Bill" Donovan (Head of the OSS, precursor to CIA) - Wiki
(35:54) - Brent's 'Grand Daddy's' influence: 1st Scientific sharing agreement between USA & USSR

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➡️ Katerra - Wiki

💚 Feature:
CREx (learn more) - Makes it easy to get data out of Yardi, Salesforce, and more.

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