This week we barely get into specifics of The Magicians, instead talking about #buryyourgays, fandom, characters being awful to each other, damaged people, trigger warnings, watching dark and repressing shows, and our differing viewing habits.

(Also, here's Robert's rant about the season four finale: https://share.transistor.fm/s/ce35dcda)
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What is 50v20?

Join Saer — a 20-year-old queer fangirl who spends too much on the internet — and Robert — an almost 50-year-old movie buff — as we look at queer representation in television and movies. Saer’s been in just about every fandom for at least a week, and Robert was an ally way before it was cool.

We will examine notable LGBTQ+ characters, relationships, and popular crack-ships throughout history, including: Reddie, Destiel, Twillow, and many more. We will also talk about important history-making shows like Heartstopper and Young Royals. Let’s take a look at how representation has changed over time, how it has improved (or hasn’t), and where we hope representation goes from here.