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Reuse this as often as you like through the next two weeks. Who you are being, what you were thinking, and how you were feeling, over the next week will have more impact on the foundation of the life you live in this next year than anything else you do this year.

Show Notes

Cosmic Corridor Activation

These kinds of alignments typically mean massive transformation for people, countries, societies.

This is also the age of transparency and transformation. As we enter a new decade this next week will determine the energy of your next year and this year will determine your energy of the next decade.

Can you see now why this is so important to take time to yourself and shed and let go of all conscious and unconscious energies, thoughts, beliefs, memories, attachments that no longer lift you up to your highest potential.

In the experience Are use multiple forms of energy medicine, the Monic journey, and hypnosis to help you move past your conscious mind fears and blocks and to the infinite potential in you.

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