Coffee with Greymass

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Aaron, Scott, Johan, and Myles from the Greymass team discuss the latest projects that Greymass has been working on.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Anchor (the new version of the eos-voter wallet) updates 
  • Greymass's new signing protocol (EEP 7) 
  • Ricardian contracts and how to keep users safe in the crypto space 
  • The Delphi Oracle 
  • EOSIO 1.8 and the Greymass test environment 
  • the "dApp layer" that we're working on at Greymass 


Greymass Website

Greymass Telegram

The Greymass Newsletter

Anchor Beta

Delphi Oracle

EOSIO 1.8 Test Environment

EEP 7 Proposal 

What is Coffee with Greymass ?

A show hosted by Greymass, an EOSIO block producer, and an organization built to facilitate the growth of distributed ledger technologies and the infrastructure powering them..