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This week we met Peter Warm and Sally Godber, a father and daughter team well known in low energy building for their work at their Warm consultancy. Although Peter may now be retured they've both been instrumental in Warm, consultancy in volved in testing and certification of buildings, as well as training for professionals. 

We hadn't intended to focus on passive house, again, thinking that we could dig into their experience as certifiers for low-energy buildings. Our idea was to ask about the basics of how to approach building better, interrogating the things that they commonly see going wrong, and offer some top tips for what to avoid.

They've been heavily involved in the delivery of flagship developments like Goldsmith Street, as well as being notable for their long-running practice. However it took a while for us to get to that because of some remarkable news about their Coaction non-profit.

Unexpectedly we were waylaid by some exciting developments in the work that their new training non-profit has been making, setting out to revolutionise training within the built environment by offering a basic grounding in PH (building physics) first to architectural students with plans to make this available to all professions within the built environment.

We did cover the top tips but only late on: the tl:dr is to get an experienced energy, retrofit, or passive house consultant involved at the earliest opportunity to help steer you right; it is an investment, not a cost.

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Zero Ambitions is a podcast about sustainability and the built environment. There is no single solution to fixing the built environment, so we're talking our way through as much of it as we can.

We find interesting guests who know what they're talking about and speak with them about sustainability, good practice, and how to make a difference because the challenges are massive and the problems complex.

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