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This is a special episode in that we get to feature both co-founders from a startup out of Seattle. Anna-Lea Dieringer and Erina Malarkey have known each other for many years. Only recently did they decide to align their skills from consulting, asset management, marketing, and commercial real estate to create a platform, Remarkably, aimed at improving multifamily marketing and asset performance. Whether its a new building not yet under construction or an under performing asset, Remarkably is aimed at helping owners and management companies better understand who their ideal tenant is and to give the actionable insights that enable that asset to get where it needs to be in terms of performance. You'll hear how they compliment each other as co-founders, some of the challenges they have faced, and where they're headed with Remarkably in this interview. Enjoy!

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Connect with Erina & Anna-Lea, and learn more about Remarkably!

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