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Jason Steinhauer is a renowned historian who has published numerous works, taught and researched in top-tier universities and the Library of Congress. He's developed a field called History Communication designed to help us all better understand our relationship with what's come before us and how that impacts our judgment of the future.

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Learn more about Jason Steinhauer and his work:
Twitter: @jasonsteinhauer

What is The Story Forge?

A weekly Podcast created to explore, collect, and share the stories of people who make things. Those unique and special individuals who start create things that matter to them and other people. Things like music and art; places to gather and get to understand each other; things that make our lives better, richer, and more enjoyable or passionate. These are the stories that, if we listen a little bit closely, to those people in pursuit of their own dreams, can inspire us inspire us to be better and make the world better.