Bootstrapping Saas

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With my finances being in control I feel a bit better of how things are progressing forward

Show Notes

In this show I talk about how I am saving ~$1200 on yearly bank fees.

Also, I share some lessons on what I have learned so far running Claritask and having this podcast as well as some advice on if you should run a B2B or B2C product.

Another thing that has been going around lately is how much transparency is more than necessary? Does it do any good or it's just for high fives we get from our supporters

Other points:
  • How I can't work well when working on two projects at once (Claritask and client work)
  • Next improvements on Claritask
  • How I work and my way of working to Basecamp
Thankful for EP20 supporters:
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What is Bootstrapping Saas?

Bootstrapping Saas is a podcast where I document my attempts at getting to $10K in MRR with my Saas products as a one man show (designer, developer, marketer). I cover things like sales strategies, failed attempts, successful outcomes, lessons, and a few personal things here and there.

Once in a while I bring in a guest where we talk

The show is roughly prepared with bullet points, but mostly a free rain of thoughts with whatever is going on that week.

The first 40 episodes have been mostly about Claritask, starting with Episode 41 I cover more attempts, ideas, findings, and other potential products.

Get in touch via twitter at