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On this special episode, Heidi talks to Michael Blank on his podcast, Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, all about cost segregation and how it can save you big on taxes, even with smaller properties.

Show Notes

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Here's what we cover in this episode:
  • What is Cost Segregation and what are its benefits?
  • What kind of real estate is Cost Segregation most suited for? What's the minimum size? What is it less suited for?
  • How a company like ETS works with your CPA.
  • What's involved in a Cost Segregation Analysis and what is actually produced?
  • Aside from the tax benefits, there are other benefits down the road. What are they?
  • Heidi walks us through a case study analysis for a small apartment building. If it works for a small building like this, it'll work for larger stuff, too!
  • Here is a link to the full benefits analysis report from the show.
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Heidi Henderson
I am a Tax Consultant and Real Estate Investor, and podcast host of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise. I advise clients on the application of Tax Efficiencies relating to their investments both directly and indirectly. My education is in Accounting but my entrepreneurial spirit has led me through many business ventures. But I love finding money for people who didn't know it was there! Cost Segregation, 179D deduction, 45L credits, R&D tax credits, Historical Tax Credits, Conservation Easements, Opportunity Zones, Alternative Investments, and Captive Insurance are a few tools we can help you with. As the Executive Vice President and Board Member of Engineered Tax Services I help plan for growth and operational improvements internally, while working externally with investment minded individuals to optimize their investment. I also teach over 30+ Continuing Education courses annually to CPA's, Design Build Professionals and Real Estate Professionals across the U.S. If synergies are apparent, please send me a connection request and let's see how we can work together.
Michael Blank
My passion is helping others become financially free with real estate by investing in apartment buildings! Get my free masterclass - Apartments 101 👇

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