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Bradley Moorer is a physical therapist from Athens, AL where he lives with his wife and new son. I have always appreciated his down-to-earth demeanor and thoughtfulness, both of which make him easy to relate to and a joy to be a round. On this episode we discuss how becoming a father has impacted his life and I found his thoughts to be very touching and inspiring! Also, we discuss how he picks one word to set the tone for this year, his role models, and a few beliefs others might disagree with!

Show Notes

  • Picking one word that sets the tone and helps guide you for the year.
  • Becoming a father 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Role models
  • Being more decisive. Being all in. 
  • Dry needling 
  • Most headaches are caused by lack of water or some nutritional deficiency. 
  • Chickfila: the Disney of fast food 
  • Being comfortable being uncomfortable. 
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