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Basecamp alumna Esther Lee shares her experience of downsizing to a 35-foot sailboat.

Show Notes

We call up our friend and former colleague Esther Lee, who lives with her husband on a 35-foot sailboat named Hope in Jacksonville, Florida. Esther, an "idealist in hiding," talks about how living smaller gives her more space to turn outward and care for others, especially now.

Show Notes

Esther's bio at the Poetry Foundation - 00:25

The Minimalists - 3:30

Sailrite sewing machines - 9:30

eXXpedition - 13:32

eXXpedition's João Pessoa to Barbados leg has been rescheduled to 2022 - 13:45

Sacrificial Metal by Esther Lee - 14:22

Rudolf Laban - 14:52

Wayfinders Now on Instagram | website - 17:55

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