Autonomous IT

Dive into the world of IT tech with the Hands-On IT podcast, hosted by Landon Miles. Each episode uncovers the intricacies of IT technologies, real-life use cases, and practical guidance on their application. Tune in for your weekly dose of tech trends, user-friendly tutorials, and innovative solutions to transform your IT experience. This podcast is your road map to mastering the multifaceted nature of IT tech.

Book/Content Recommendations:
Brené Brown: Daring Greatly
- Brené Brown: The Call to Courage (on Netflix, if that's your thing!)
- Crucial Conversations

What is Autonomous IT?

Go from monotonous to autonomous IT operations with this series. Hosts from Automox, the IT automation platform for modern organizations, will cover the latest IT trends; Patch Tuesday remediations; ways to save time with Worklets (pre-built scripts); reduce risk; slash complexity; and automate OS, third-party, and configuration updates on all your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints. Automate confidence everywhere with Automox.