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Mr. Sergi brings his unique back ground to the practice of law in San Marcos. He was born in Hamburg Germany where his parents where opera singers. His schooling included stints at the International Schools as well as British military schools. After he moved to Texas with his parents he attended Anderson High School in Austin and graduated from Allen Military Academy in Bryan.

Jay Maguire, executive director of THF said, “the Hemp Growers’ email has a lot of consumers and industry folks confused and unduly concerned. Here are the facts: while there are those certain legislators who want Texas to adopt a prohibitionist stance on cannabinoids, in 2021 the Texas Legislature chose not to act on Delta 8 or any other cannabinoid isomers because there was no consensus to criminalize these beneficial products. It’s also true the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is on record with their bureaucratic viewpoint, which exhibits the same kind of government overreach that landed them on the losing end of one hemp-related court case already.

Show Notes

David and Jay discuss the growing changes in cannabis abroad the US and here at home in Texas. the two discuss a new case of unlawful seizure of LEGAL Hemp in Navarro County. Sky & Hobbs Organics owner Hunter Robinson’s spent the night in jail and had his crop seized despite having all his legal paperwork.

Hunter himself will be on the Texas Hemp Show soon . . .  stay tuned . . . 

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