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In this episode Career Coach Mayda Poc joins me for another honest, candid and thought-provoking conversation; this time focusing on how the workplace landscape is changing for women. We talk about our experiences working in male-dominated industries and share our thoughts on the challenges of learning to communicate and work together in a healthy way, and the possibility of moving away from gender stereotypes.

Show Notes

You might remember Mayda Poc from episode 1 of this season when she shared her powerful story of transformation. She’s back, and this time we’re talking about gender. Specifically, about how the role of women in the workplace seems to be changing. 

In this episode:
  • Mayda shares her experience working in the field of finance
  • Wendy shares her experience being active duty in the military
  • How the concept of consent is changing
  • The importance of not assuming you know someone’s intentions when they’ve triggered you
  • The evolution of gender stereotypes
  • Indigenous prophecies about this time in history - moving towards a time of balance between the masculine and the feminine
  • Pendulum swinging process
  • Global trauma and political trends
  • The importance of women moving into leadership positions
  • Healing individual wounds
  • Trends Mayda’s noticing in her work with women
  • And Mayda’s observation of what she refers to as ‘misplaced loyalty’
  • The powerful role parents play in role modeling for their children
  • Our tendency to resist change
  • Creating an atmosphere of adaption and flexibility 
  • Mayda share communication tips (ie, how to assert yourself as a woman)
  • Accessing confidence - pretending vs knowing
  • Who are you separate from your gender?
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