Blockchain from the Block

Is DAO the future of, well, everything? Can it replace democracy and should we start thinking about organizing everything under DAO? DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and it's designed under a set of rules that govern what can and can't be done under it. It provides maximum transparency and security, but what do we need to do to start incorporating DAOs widely?

Show Notes

All this talk about blockchain, and we still haven't talked about some of the most important shortcuts in the blockchain sphere: the DAO. This will be corrected in this episode, where IBB and Luka discuss the possibilities, advantages and basics of the DAO, trying to demistify it and make it easy to understand why the community likes it so much. DAO tries to eliminate the human error and manipulation in the investment sector, and that was just the beginning.

BTW, do not miss out on another great opportunity for which you will need only a keyboard and - expressing your opinion. What is the deal? We are dying to hear how do you like the podcast so far, so Luka offered up to give 100 AE tokens for the best review! The best one will be decided at the end of the season.
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