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Ancient Egypt Power Defaced

Show Notes

Intuitive Reading for Tracey: you have ancient enormous powers, very connected tp Egypt. Your right have has been chipped away, the left side the details are intact. "Excavation" is happening for her. You have excavated into your right/masculine/thinking/doing/planning energy. You are BIG energy. You have been 'defaced" your power has been taken away, the power to implement your intuitive powers... your 'son' is in your left palm.... Time to integrate and reconnect to your power. Really intense energy here, you were a person of great influence and power. you also had training in great spiritual powers. You need to be in Jamaica to be in the ancient Atlantean energies. Your feminine side is fully formed but frozen. Some 'past" life drama pulled down the old powers, control, slavery and many more energy currents present for you. These are keeping you in the "stone". You are going to be stepping in to a lot of power and it can be overwhelming. Old contracts must be released. Protection power program activated.

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