The Mindset Mile

Do you read personal development books, listen to motivational podcasts, follow a bunch of self help accounts on social media yet feel like you're not able to apply any of it in real life? When we consume too much, even if it’s the best or most positive type of information for us, if you don’t actually apply it, what ends up happening is that you just become constantly reminded of the lack in your life. In this episode I'm giving you a few calls to action to stop over thinking, stop over consuming and actually DO the things you want to do.

Show Notes

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  • [0:43] Instagram and its ability to make us feel bad.
  • [2:57] Beware of the "should" talk.
  • [3:28] Mute and unfollow certain accounts.
  • [10:21] Stop overthinking it.
  • [11:09] Get outside and move.

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What is The Mindset Mile?

I'm Aisha Zaza and my purpose is to help others build better habits towards living their best and healthiest life. For the first 30 episodes of this podcast, you will be challenged to walk or run one mile a day while listening to the corresponding daily episode where we will discuss how mindset shifts can transform all aspects of life from health, fitness, relationships, business and well being. Why one mile? Because it's as simple to do as it is to not do, and therein lies the difference. We will dismantle the idea that to achieve goals you must take quantum leaps towards them and instead take small, consistent actions over time. I believe wholeheartedly that everything you need to reach the happiness and success you desire is already within you and through our time together you will be empowered to know this truth, too. It's time to take action towards your goals because if not now, when? Someday is not a day of the week and you were made for greatness. It will be a marathon, not a sprint - and together we will take it one step, one mile, one day at a time. Welcome to The Mindset Mile. You ready?