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Is high fidelity audio dead in our very digitally-centered world? Will convenience win over audio quality? What ever happened to those 50-pound speakers in everyone’s living room? Brian and Malinda dive into the world of audio to discuss its history, where it may be headed, and some of the changes in the industry. Tune in to this week’s episode to find out more.

Show Notes

Summary: Sure we’ve seen a major uptick in vinyl record sales, but what does that mean for the future of sound? Will higher quality audio beat out convenience? What is the difference between AM and FM radio? Will Malinda reunite with her iPod shuffle? Will Bose engineers everywhere be buying Brian voodoo dolls? Brian and Malinda discuss audio industry trends as well as their own experiences with audio technology in their everyday lives. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more.

What We Covered:
2:00 – War and conflict played a major role in communication and audio.
3:00 – Invention of the phonograph.
4:00 – What is audio fidelity?
6:00 – What is Ham radio?
7:00 – FCC begins regulating amateur radio services.
8:00 – What’s the difference between AM and FM Radio?
9:00 – The transition to vinyl records.
12:00 – 1963 Phillips cassette is released and disrupts the record industry.
13:00 – Rise of the CD – Overtook cassette sales in 1988.
17:00 – Cultural changes toward portability are killing quality.
19:00 – Tidal and Qobuz - High fidelity streaming services.
21:00 – Sonos is changing the home audio game.
23:00 – Wireless technology is changing how we listen
24:00 – Apple pulls headphone jack.
25:00 – All Things CES 2019 episode – Choosing between wired and wireless.
26:00 – Similar changes are happening in the camera industry
27:00 – Super X-fi and Sony 360 Reality Audio are changing the headphone industry.
30:00 – Bose vs Beats – Focusing on quality or design.
31:00 – Nokia is developing spatial audio recording.
33:00 – Podcasting and phones have helped shape the microphone industry.
35:00 – Social sharing has changed how audio is shared.
36:00 – A Podcast about Podcasts episode – The crowded podcast market has caused a need for higher audio quality podcasts.
42:00 – Vinyl’s revival – 2017 had the highest number of vinyl’s sold since 1991.

What is Data Myths?

Uniting dataphiles and dataphobes one podcast at a time. Listen as the Gagnons interview industry leaders and startup founders, review new tech trends and products, and examine how data and technology drive our professional and personal worlds.