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Show Notes

Ignacio Zuleta is a Colombian lawyer, writer, and yogi. 

Born into politics, raised in the capital, trained as a lawyer…Ignacio’s career path appeared, until the transformative age of thirty (that strange moment in the life of a man at which epiphanies most often occur–just ask the Buddha, Joseph Smith, and Jesus) somewhat predictable: he’d ascend the ladder of his profession and society, accumulate wealth, acquire status, maybe run for office, and luxuriate in the fruits of his labor. 

No sooner had he reached his third decade than a spiritual awakening visited him, roused him, and forced him to alter his life’s pre-charted course. In response to this visitation, he sold all his possessions and stopped practicing law. He bid adieu to his family and uprooted himself from the soil out of which he grew. He purchased a one-way ticket to India, where he studied under expert yogis, among whom he now numbers himself. 

From this episode, you’ll learn…

How to commit to radical change; where to go to discover your truest, inmost passion; what it’s like to sell all your possessions, quit your job, bid farewell to your family and friends, and travel to the other side of the globe in pursuit of a dream; the importance of nature, and how to reconnect with her; the benefits of “grounding”; the power of Ayahuasca; if religion can be a drug; how to reach a “spiritual” state in our material world; Colombian politics; Gabriel Garcia Marquez; advice for the next generation; and much more! 

0:00 Introduction
1:21 Lawyer, writer, master yogi - Ignacio’s Background 
5:44 From the West to the East: A shift in civilizations 
8:39 Yoga, Ayahuasca, and Marijuana
11:45 Is religion a drug? 
17:40 Yoga in Colombia v. Yoga in India
25:00 Our pursuit of the “spiritual” in a material world
28:59 The Benefits of Grounding
30:23 Ignacio’s daily routine 
33:15 Are Colombians better acquainted with nature? 
35:39 Is Nature mounting her “comeback”? 
39:09 A brief explanation of (current) Colombian politics
48:21 Colombian Literature, Gabriel Garcia Marquez 
52:06 Advice to young people who want to Change their lives
54:00 Know Thyself
54:23 Conclusion


Finneran’s Wake
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