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In this episode we were super inspired by a wonderful YouTube video we watched, called "You're Not Lazy : How to live a chaotically organised life" by YouTuber Elizabeth Filips. 

So, given it summed up how we work, or at least how Rob works (that was why Helen sent him the link to the video), we thought we'd deconstruct the video and share stories about how we operate. And of course, although light on stationery talk, how we use stationery to control our own chaos.

In the episode we talk about:

  • Stationery Stories:
    • Helen has bought some single use ink pens
    • Rob's been boring and bought some coloured paper 
    • Helen's daughter is mapping out the entire history of the Roman Empire on a giant sheet of paper. 
    • We chat about white boards
    • Helen is retreating to a library
  • And of course, we deconstruct the messages in Elizabeth's videos and how they resonated so much with us.
    • Fall behind, catch up, move ahead
    • Seven year itch - become 1000% better quickly
    • Optimise for passion
    • Adult brat - talk to yourself properly
Elizabeths video is here :
Her channel is here :
We mention Van Neistat :
We mention Mark Forster :

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