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The modern working environment has been elevated substantially since the days of "Mad Men", largely in alignment with our expanding cultural sensibilities. But even in the last couple decades that has not always been the case, and particularly in technical fields that have leaned heavily to the male gender. In this episode Brian Comerford and Nick Lozano are joined by Shirley Hayes to discuss the strengths that a plurality of perspectives brings to the workplace, and the creativity that can be fostered with an inclusive office environment.

Show Notes

Shirley Hayes
Chief Magnetic Guru
Magnetic Podcasts

0:04 Opening
2:18 Shirley Hayes Intro
6:35 What got you into audio?
12:55 Start of XM radio
19:39 Working in a male dominated industry
23:49 Awareness
25:47 Diversity
32:27 What should leaders be doing?
54:32 Recommend books
1:01:19 Closing

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