Debts No Honest Man Can Pay

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Our first new episode of 2021 is chock full o' hope, optimism, cool covers & a long-overdue big score.
All this & much, much less!

Show Notes

On this week's show, we...
  • spend quality time with Billie Joe Armstrong's rad new covers record
  • brag about getting tons of cool birthday music for not a ton of money in a long-overdue installment of Greenberg's Big Score 
  • bid adieu to Silver Bullet Band saxophonist Alto Reed 
All this & much, much less! 

Debts No Honest Man Can Pay is over 2 rock-solid hours of musical eclectica & other noodle stories. The show started in 2003 at WHFR-FM (Dearborn, MI), moved to WGWG-FM (Boiling Springs, NC) in 2006 & Plaza Midwood Community Radio (Charlotte, NC) in 2012, with a brief pit-stop at WLFM-FM (Appleton, WI) in 2004.

What is Debts No Honest Man Can Pay?

musical eclectica & other noodle stories