Rich Ad Poor Ad

Eddie Maalouf has spent over 100Million on paid advertising to this date. He has been able to work with brands as big as Burger King and has been behind some of the fastest-growing ecommerce brands in the market. His team at 4Media.Marketing has mastered the art of scaling an ecommerce business. From content, ads, emails, and Conversion rates, they have a constant pulse on the market and what is needed to scale revenue for ecommerce brands.

Show Notes

Perfecting the giveaway model at scale.

What is Rich Ad Poor Ad?

It's like Which Test Won but for ads! After auditing $1,000,000,000 in ad spend we're pulling back the curtain to help advertisers scale. Join us each week as we teardown today's most elite advertisers ad campaigns to discover Which Ad Won! Sharpen your advertising skills each week and build your swipe file of campaigns that are making these advertisers RICH!