Elite Health Podcast with Azri

Want to lose the belly and build muscle without restrictive dieting to improve your confidence & upgrade your mindset?

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What is Elite Health Podcast with Azri?

Welcome to The Elite Health Podcast with Azri where we talk about how to upgrade your body and lose fat / build muscle through the mental shifts seen in high performers. We talk about lessons from life that help build the character traits and beliefs to overcome the obstacles which may come your way when levelling up your body and mind. We're not holding back with Azri's personal experiences from losing 46lbs in 4 months whilst in medical school and building his business.

We want to empower you with the thoughts from our guests whom have found success in life from fitness to business as well as their personal lives. We're all in on the journey to help you reach your full potential so listen in and take notes, it's time to learn.