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Dr. Jennifer Penrose explains the 2nd most common walking and running injury, Achilles tendonitis. In this episode, Dr. Penrose shares quick tips to implement right away if you have it and long-term considerations to prevent it!

Show Notes

Achilles tendonitis is the 2nd most common walking and running injury. Tendons take a long time to heal. Listen to this episode to learn causes, risks, and cures to this pesky diagnosis. Visit for more information and to purchase her book, “Run Forever: The Secrets to Common Running and Walking Injuries” filled with pictures of exercises and more tips. 

What is Stay Healthy South Sound?

On the Stay Healthy South Sound Podcast, we provide tips on staying healthy and expose common myths about health and aging so you can enjoy a healthier and active life in the amazing South Sound. This podcast is brought to you by Dr. Jennifer Penrose owner of Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy.