It’s Going to be Good: Building Your Accounting Firm

Effective client relationships always start with effective communication. From the way we approach sales to how we're going to work together ongoing all the way to ending services, working with clients should feel collaborative.

And for it to be a true partnership, we need to be on the same team!

That starts in the sales process - we should be looking for a win-win solution, whether or not that means we end up working together. The goal is to ensure we're a good fit on both sides. 

Once we've both agreed that working together will be mutually beneficial, we move into onboarding, which requires us to set clear, reasonable expectations at the door.

Then, when we're working together ongoing, we should all be on the same page about what is our part vs. the client's part in achieving our shared goals. And along the way, we'll still need to iron out the details! That's what partnering looks like.   

And even when it's time to call it, that should be as positive as it can be, and when possible, collaborative! Whether we're celebrating a client selling their business, retiring, or just outgrowing our services, because they're ready to hire an internal accounting team, we want to show up as humans who care. And even when it becomes obvious that we're not meeting each others' needs, on either side, we can still show up in a way that doesn't put us at odds with each other. 

Listen in as Anna and Jill talk about what it should take to set clients up for success and work together with clients in a way that makes an ongoing partnership sustainable and positive.

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Creators & Guests

Anna Ready
Technology enthusiast, accounting geek, and lover of all things systemized. Wife. Mom. Firm Owner (Accrew). Mostly just here for the jokes
Jill Chun
Passionate about leading and developing teams in meaningful ways. Won’t turn down a challenge and loves asking how we can refine a process so that it works for us (not against us). Always up for a good dance party

What is It’s Going to be Good: Building Your Accounting Firm?

Join Anna and Jill as they guide you on a journey of building something worth building.