Staiano Plastic Surgery

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In this episode I will talk about:
- Can I have redo mastopexy if I don't have the operation notes from the original?
- I am due to have Tattoo Exicision with you, however when I usually go to the Dentist and they give me LA, I get dizzy. Will I be ok for this procedure?
- What are the risks for surgery (Mommy Makeover)
- Can you please advise the implant brand you use, warranty and lifespan? In addition, I’d like to know if you insert the implant under the pectoral muscle?
- Do our prices cover for lifetime and if I need change inplants in 10 years time, I will have to pay again...
- What is the recovery time for Pinnaplasty
- Do offer Ear Fold technique?
- What is the difference between Ear Fold Surgery and Pinnaplasty?
- Is inverted nipple correction included in BBA
- What cup size is classed as a extra large BBR price?
- Do we carry out face lift procedures
- Healing time for Earlobe Repair
and anything else that crops up!

What is Staiano Plastic Surgery?

I am a Plastic Surgeon and I own a Clinic where we specialise in Breast and Body Contouring. I do a Q&A every Tuesday evening at 7pm on Facebook Live.