The Business Bites Podcast with Rachel Brenke

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Learn how to start and run a podcast, including monetizing it, from Christie and Heather at Sinisterhood and Rachel Brenke.

Show Notes

If you have ever thought about podcasting or even just content creation, this episode is for you! This week, Rachel talks to Christie and Heather from Sinisterhood about what they have learned since beginning their show in 2018.
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What is The Business Bites Podcast with Rachel Brenke?

The Business Bites Podcast® explores the legalities of owning and operating a small business. Rachel Brenke launched the Business Bites Podcast in 2016 to give busy entrepreneurs quick tidbits of education with actionable steps to implement in their businesses. Rachel is a mother of five, wife of an army veteran, lawyer, business owner of multiple brands, triathlete, and IronMan competitor. She started out with an MBA to help her in her own small business and eventually ended up in law school. As someone in the trenches herself, Rachel is in the unique position of knowing what her audience actually needs to know to be successful. She is often joined by guests sharing their own expertise in different subjects from taxes to marketing to knowing when to hire others and everything in between.