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There is a lot of self-talk in the content that we create. In this Content Matterz episode, Eric Kasimov discusses how writing and creating content adds a level of accountability to his life. Accountability; we all should have it, we all need it.
And while you are at it, ask yourself this; are you holding yourself accountable? Or do you find yourself at a block?  Change that--add a level of accountability for yourself by creating content.
Here's the thing, when you publish a blog, or post something on social media, or share a video, or record a podcast episode, you have to at least be on a path of documenting your thoughts or be a thought leader of some kind. That means you need to know what you are writing or talking about to some level. That alone will force you to think more, read more, ask more insightful questions. That's accountability. And that's what content creation is about. Perhaps it's a way to learn. And learning if you remember requires an incredible amount of accountability.
And yes, you should consider creating content for your personal brand and business.
Whatever story you want to tell, we want to help you tell it. From ideas and strategies to meshing it with your brand, KazCM is your storytelling team.
Create or build your content platform. Contact us today to learn more about our content creation services. 
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  • Thank you so much for listening to this Content Matterz podcast episode about accountability content | #ContentMatterz.
  • This podcast episode of Content Matterz exists because of KazCM. The content creation company inside KazSource. It’s all about the content. Content creation, content usage, and content distribution. Why? Because we love helping entrepreneurs create and share amazing content.
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