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Microsoft has bought Github, we share our thoughts on that. Jonas tells Mikko about all the news from WWDC, we continue talking about project management tools and the usual chitter chatter.

Show Notes


04:50 Microsoft to acquire Github

17:30 WWDC

27:40 News

30:54 Project Management tools

Skaffa en gratis [.design] domän

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What is Artisans Podden?

This is a podcast by two dads in Sweden.
We are very involved in running, maintaining and being a part of the Swedish Laravel community. That is where this podcast sprung from, the LaravelSE community.

But we are about so much more than just Laravel, we also love frontend development, backend development, solution architecting, all things web, tech and gadgets. Besides talking about all of the things above, we also chitchat about being dads, life, hipster-ing and much more.

Note: We mostly speak swedish.