Fire Within Nutrition and Fitness

In the episode, today's guest, Kimball Jane Sargent MSN, PMHCNS-BC. What can we be proactively doing to address the concerns we have with COVID-19. We talk about the importance of protecting and boosting your immune system. What steps can you take to ensure your immune system is strong and most capable of dealing with viruses and sickness of any kind.

Show Notes

Kimball is a holistic self-care coach. And for most of her life, she has been an entrepreneur and holistic psychotherapist. About 14 years ago, she changed things up and went into the holistic realm leaving medical and nursing behind to move into helping people live their best lives and be well through natural solutions. 

Both Kimball and Brandon believe that many times western and easter medicine are talking about the same thing with a different vocabulary and often seek to achieve similar results. 

"What I tell people is if you're not living as well as you want to be, then we have to look at the whole person. I look at the mind, body, family, relationships, finances, and spiritual health. And when we're talking about a healthy body, then you've got to look at all the things that it takes to create a healthy body." - Kimball

With so much concern and fear about the Coronavirus, we talk about steps you can take to make sure your immune system is strong and most capable to fight off viruses and keep yourself healthy. The people who are most at risk are those who have more compromised immune systems. It's the people 60 seventies and eighties. Pregnant women and people who have depressed immune systems.

Steps to take to support your immune health:
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day in the sunlight outdoors.
  • Grounding, spend time without shoes and socks and standing on the ground. We talk about the science behind this principle.
  • Sleep is crucial
  • Consider the benefits of intermittent fasting
  • Make sure you are consuming enough protein
  • Exercise 
  • Keep properly hydrated
  • Use natural salts instead of white table salt
  • Consider a magnesium supplement

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What is Fire Within Nutrition and Fitness?

If you want to transform your life with nutrition and fitness, there are no shortcuts. You need a sustainable plan: the right mindset, and the knowledge and inspiration to stoke the fire within. Just like the Phoenix, you can burn your old habits, never turn back, and emerge anew.