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Bluehost has launched a new suite of products called WonderSuite to improve the onboarding experience for new WordPress users. The goal is to simplify the initial setup process and eliminate common pain points that can be frustrating for beginners. WonderSuite includes tools like WonderTheme for easy customization, WonderBlocks for premade layouts, WonderCart for ecommerce features, WonderStart for tailored site building, and WonderHelp for AI-powered assistance. These features provide guardrails and helpful guidance so first-time users aren't overwhelmed learning WordPress.

WonderSuite makes use of AI in a couple ways. WonderHelp allows users to ask plain English questions and receive step-by-step tutorials. WonderBlocks uses AI to generate initial content tailored to the user's business, like a flower shop. The key is the AI is assistive, not taking full control. Users still have flexibility to modify all settings and content. Overall, WonderSuite aims to smooth the learning curve so new users can focus on their business instead of web development. It provides an easy onramp while still building on WordPress as the foundation.
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