Political Coffee with Jeff Kropf

Join Jeff Kropf as he speaks on local and national news.
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Show Notes

Dr. Douglas Frank presentation last night at River Church was stunning. Evidence of electronic voting is hacked and being manipulated is overwhelming and the way to defeat it is to find the phantom voters by knocking on doors and finding the fraud. Volunteers are needed for this effort especially in Marion Co so if you want to help go to https://www.oregonpeoplesvote.com/opv-sign-up 
2000 Mules fact checkers destroyed by Wireless Services CEO: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/exclusive-wireless-services-ceo-destroys-weak-attacks-fake-fact-checkers-2000-mules-fact-checkers-dont-technical-foundation-comments-making/ 
KSLM live broadcast: Freedom Rally on June 4 with Dinesh D’Souza (producer of 2000 Mules) in Hillsboro. https://oregoncatalyst.com/59937-freedom-rally-64-filmmaker-dsouza-pollster-rasmussen.html sign up here: https://oregonlibertyalliance.com/ 

What is Political Coffee with Jeff Kropf?

A Long-time radio host with his own show as well as backing up as host for nationally syndicated broadcasts, Jeff is a fifth generation Oregon farmer, aviator, professional musician, former State Legislator, lobbyist, real estate developer, small business owner, firefighter, and served as an embedded broadcaster with Oregon National Guard in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Jeff is a former Oregon State Representative and fifth generation Oregon farmer from Sublimity, Oregon. Kropf served as Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee for two legislative sessions and served two sessions on the Transportation and Ways and Means subcommittees.

He also leads the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity.