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My guest this week is Jon Edvald who is the CEO and co-founder of, makers of an open-source Kubernetes development and testing platform. During his 12+ years in software development, Jon has held engineering leadership roles with Clue and QuizUp, and was co-founder and CTO at CLARA (acquired by Jive Software). In this episode, he talks about his journey from being a technical leader to entrepreneur, his views on software development, and advice on how he raised his first million dollars.

Show Notes

Show Notes

  • [0:50] - What does do?
  • [2:16] - How did you go from being technical to becoming an entrepreneur
  • [3:45] - How do you balance your desire to be technical with the other aspects of running a business?
  • [5:47] - How has software development changed since you started?
  • [8:30] - When does it make sense to have an open source offering?
  • [14:00] - Is selling to devops different in US vs Europe?
  • [15:11] - How did you determine the pricing for your commercial offering?
  • [17:03] - How did you raise your first million dollars?
  • [19:18] - How did you determine focus in your early stages and what were some of the mistakes made?
  • [22:13] - Where do you go for mentorship and advice?
  • [23:47] - Challenges and strategies that have worked for you in the current pandemic in terms of growing your business
  • [27:04] - Tell us about the latest Garden commercial offering you just launched

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