The Teamwork Advantage a Gregg Gregory Podcast

Doug Roberts brings a unique perspective to The Teamwork Advantage. He comes to us with a background as a high school Social Studies teacher. Things changed for him after working with education technology and the companies who were selling tech to schools in the same way they had for decades.

Show Notes

Doug Roberts founded the Institute for Education Innovation, where he works with school administrators across the country to help build collaborative relationships between educators and companies that support education.

The institute focuses on how to teach children using "outside of the box" thinking and techniques.  In this interview,  Doug shares the strategies he employs with his team, and ultimately with school administrators, helping them recognize that business can help the world of education.

Listen closely and see which of Doug’s techniques you can employ in your daily life. This is not just about education, he talks about life-long learning and a host of other great topics.

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