26.1 AI Podcast

Hi folks, we just wanted to check-in with everybody. Our normal publishing time is 2am, Tuesday. Last week we missed publishing an episode, because we wanted to take a moment to ponder how best to serve you during this pandemic. If you're working on data science, analytics, ML, and AI related to COVID-19, we'd love to invite you join us and get help from our audience. As we seek guests who can help you understand where we're headed, we'll publish on an ad-hoc basis. Here's to all of you staying safe! Act in a predictive way.

What is 26.1 AI Podcast?

Don Sheu and Brian Ray are friends with one mission: a podcast that covers interesting topics in AI. Don is a dotcom era flameout who was reborn in tech building Seattle's largest tech community; Brian is tech leader known globally as Python Engineer, Data Scientist, and AI Cloud expert. They have joined forces and are interviewing the most interesting practitioners in an emerging AI Space.