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In this episode, Gordon Firemark, a Southwestern Law School graduate, explains why he teaches law, creates content for entrepreneurs, and hosts the podcast, Entertainment Law Update.
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Show Notes

After being exposed to live theater at the age of five, Gordon Firemark continued to be impressed by theater, but he wasn’t an actor.  Gordon worked on various theater productions while in high school and later was a television producer for a sports media network, before becoming a theater producer. 

Gordon credits law school for the business acumen and better understanding about financing and contracts.  Gordon Firemark is the author of the book, Podcast, Blog and New Media Producers Legal Survivor’s Guide.

Gordon Firemark is licensed in California.  Connect with Gordon Firemark on Facebook at “podcastlaw,” on Twitter @gfiremark, and on LinkedIn at “gfiremark.”

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This episode is sponsored by Attornneed ( 

What is You are a Lawyer Podcast?

A podcast that shares the experiences and successes of law graduates who created their own paths.