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The Terra Informa crew discusses the 2019 film "The Whale and the Raven."

Show Notes

This week the Terra Informa crew discuss the 2019 film, The Whale and the Raven, directed by German filmmaker Mirjam Leuze. In the heart of British Columbia's coastal Great Bear Rainforest, whale researchers and Gitga’at Nation community members share the screen with their non-human kin, orcas and humpback whales, whose homewaters are also a proposed liquefied natural gas tanker route. Terra Informers Elizabeth Dowdell, Curtis Blandy, Skylar Lipman, and Andrea Miller discuss resistance, the integration of Indigenous knowledge with scientific knowledge and technology, respect in our relationships with the natural world, and the cinematic beauty of kelp forests. Watch the film’s trailer here, and stream the full movie on Amazon Prime Video.

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