Bootstrapping Saas

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Thought I almost lost this episode as I didn't press the record button on Garage band. Listen for details how it went down : )

In this episode, I talk about how I want to continue focusing on clients that absolutely love Claritask. The ones who get the most value and provide the best feedback.

Show Notes

It's tricky, focusing on tire kickers and those who are not sure about using Claritask — because they require the most time to support (time that I do not have) and chances are will not convert. These are users who it's best to support when you have a larger team and have the time to wait/support until they convert.

Also, Claritask is not part of Baremetrics Open Startups, where you get to see everything that goes in and around Claritask's revenue, updated in real time —

Toying with new ideas about Claritask homepage as well as new pricing (going a bit upmarket)

What is Bootstrapping Saas?

Hi my name is Val Sopi and I am the founder and solo maker of In this weekly show I will cover details on my way to $10K in MRR. I will go into detail about strategies, tactics, lessons, and successes in marketing, sales, and outreach. Follow me along on this journey towards my goal.