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Chris is finally back, with a few sleepless weeks since the birth of his baby. With all those sleepless nights, Chris had this genius idea and built a Rails app for Alexa to help keep track of feeding times for the baby! Way to go, Chris! The guys also discuss the PR for improving the text for the no template message, some Turbo work and esbuild API exploration Andrew’s been working on, using Source Maps, an esbuild plugin Chris made, and find out they think esbuild is “dope.” Download this episode now to find out more!

Show Notes

[00:01:03] Chris explains how he built a Rails app for Alexa to keep track of feeding times for the baby. 

[00:06:21] Chris and Andrew chat about the pros of having lights in and around the house with WiFi connected, the cons with programing them, and Andrew explains if you’re putting something on Lambda, you can only use Ruby 2.7.

[0011:24] This Week in Rails updates is the PR for improving the text for the no template message, as Chris explains.  

[00:19:20] We hear a quick thought Andrew has for actionable error.

[00:20:32] Andrew’s tells us about the Turbo work and some esbuild API exploration he’s been working on.

[00:24:37] Chris and Andrew discuss using Source Maps.

[00:27:44] Andrew explains why esbuild is dope, and even though it’s a learning curve, he trusts where they’re going. Also, he tells us what he likes most about esbuild.

[00:30:21] Chris tells us how he made an esbuild Rails esbuild plugin.

[00:31:49] The guys discuss the news about how Shopify acquired Remix.  
[00:32:44] Andrew brings up a conference Vercel had recently, a new feature that was announced from a React Core maintainer with the Next team being involved, and the discussion that happened on Twitter. 

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This Week in Rails-Improve the “missing template” error page
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