The Great Reset

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For a change, David and Ernie argue about something they *agree* on, as The Great Reset seemingly comes to an end.

Show Notes

To start with, David and Ernie both agree that The Great Reset is:
  • Too dominated by Ernie
  • Lacks a clear sense of purpose
  • Lacks consistency of format
  • Lacks continuity of topics
The disagreement started when Ernie explained that this Friday (15 Jan 2021) is THE Finale of The Great Reset, and what came after would be Something Different.  While Ernie saw this as an opportunity to re-found The Great Reset in a more inclusive and coherent fashion, David saw it as Ernie simply doing more of the same.

Perhaps surprisingly, David felt that this wasn't due to any sin on Ernie's part, but a simple matter of technique that should be easy for Ernie to fix.  Ernie suggested two alternative interpretations, neither of which David liked very much:
  • Ernie is simply incapable of making the changes required
  • David is the one whose perspective is distorted by sin
After much wrangling about the history of their (and Bill's) relationships, Ernie latched on David's comment about wanting Ernie to share (not just acknowledge) David's perspective.  Ernie claimed this made him feel David was trying to 'fix' him, not merely share constructive feedback and criticism.   David apologized, and Ernie forgave him.

While they may not have resolved much of anything, they at least ended by praying for and affirming each other.  Maybe next time, they should start there...


What is The Great Reset?

Exploring how the Body of Christ should relate after being "reset" by COVID-19. The companion podcast to The Great Reset public discipleship group on YouTube: