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In this episode, we speak with Hayder Schneider from BASF. We talk about how manufacturing companies can better cooperate with startups to bring disruptive innovations to life, the cultural changes that are needed, the mistakes to be avoided on both sides, and much more!

Show Notes

Guest Bio
Hayder is a corporate intrapreneur and transformation leader who likes to solve tough problems using technology, digital innovation, and high-performing teams. Along his journey, he advanced jet propulsion by supercomputing, helped in the discovery of better materials with scientific machine-learning, and has been future-proofing manufacturing and supply chain by IoT/AI platform technology.

He is particularly passionate about leading cross-functional teams that build products. His leadership style is human-centric and empathic to fuel trust, creativity, and personal growth. He is a strong advocate of empowered teams and strives for excellence in product and beyond.

Hayder believes in the power of first-principles thinking, philosophy, and technology to advance humankind. His current technological interests therefore include AI and web3. Personally, he seeks to cultivate breadth, diverse experience, and interdisciplinary exploration.

Main Discussion Points
  • Innovation in Manufacturing
  • How enterprises & startups should work together
  • The role of AI & ML in manufacturing
  • How Manufacturers should approach innovation projects

Manufacturing Hub Episode 74.

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