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Get ready for an exciting episode of Product by Design! Host Kyle Evans welcomes Hikari Senju and Matt Swalley from Omneky to talk about their AI marketing platform. Along with discussing their backgrounds, we share our views on the changing AI environment and the potential exponential growth in technology. We also delve into how using generative AI with advertising can impact the way marketers scale creative multivariate testing. We also discuss how AI is making advertising more accessible, unleashing an order of magnitude more creativity.

Additionally, we discuss the importance of hiring the right people and building a great team to achieve success in a venture-backed company. Along with sharing their experiences in Silicon Valley and growing a startup, Hikari and Matt provide insights on how to maintain focus and integrity while building products for customers. The episode wraps up with some cool technology and book recommendations, including the potentially sentient AI read "After On" by Rob Reid and exciting tech like vector databases.

Get ready to be inspired by this podcast and stay ahead in the fast-moving industry by reskilling yourself with AI tools!

Hikari Senju
Hikari Senju is the Founder & CEO of Omneky, an AI platform that generates personalized ads at scale. Hikari founded his previous startup, an on-demand tutoring app called QuickHelp, while studying Computer Science at Harvard. Hikari later sold QuickHelp to and became the company’s Head of Growth. During his time at, he saw how much money was being spent on inefficient content and saw the opportunities in generative AI to solve this, inspiring him to found Omneky. Since then, he has grown the company into the leader in the AI generative ad space. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, DALLE-2, and their own proprietary algorithms, Omneky’s platform empowers customers to analyze the design preferences of all the customer’s target audiences and manage thousands of AI-generated ads designed to drive conversions for each customer profile.

Matt Swalley
Matt Swalley is Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Omneky. Previously Matt was the Chief of Staff to Global Business at AT&T, was part of AT&T’s strategy team and led midmarket sales at AT&T

Links from the Show:
LinkedIn: Hikari Senju, Matt Swalley
Books: After On, Chip Wars, Alignment Problem, Competing in the Age of AI
Links: Ben’s Bites

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[00:00:07] Starting an AI marketing platform with Omneky
[00:03:49] Personal Interests and Backgrounds in Tech
[00:07:03] How Computer Vision and Generative AI Meet Marketing
[00:10:30] Early days of Omneky's generative AI development
[00:13:58] Advancements in AI technology
[00:17:16] The impact of AI on Google and Microsoft
[00:20:42] Legal Responsibility of Chatbots
[00:23:55] The Importance of Reskilling in AI
[00:27:08] The Impact of AI on Marketing and Advertising
[00:30:28] The democratization of coding
[00:33:47] Building a Successful Team in Silicon Valley
[00:36:58] Aligning Mission and Market for Startup Success
[00:39:49] Customer obsession in product development
[00:42:38] The Value of Customer Feedback and Advertising Data
[00:45:35] Lessons from the California Gold Rush
[00:48:41] Favorite technology recommendations for podcast listeners

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